The Human Body Exhibition

Gdańsk, ul. Słowackiego 23


Title: The Human Body Exhibition
Data: 02.05 – 27.10.2013, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Place: Garnizon Kultury
Address: Gdańsk, ul. Słowackiego 23
Tickets: or in the seat of the exhibition. Prices below


No matter what differs us and define as individuals, we all have one thing in common – our complicated and fascinating body.
The Human Body exhibition will take you for a trip through our unique, incessantly changing body. Under the human skin work many complicated systems and organs which are connected with them and which keep us alive and healthy. The Human Body exhibition presents in a three-dimensional version a look into these systems – from skin to bones, from head to toes – all these to teach us how to make the best decisions in the interests of our body.




• Great family experience that speaks to visitors from the whole world.
• Nine parts of the exhibition – gallery – invites visitors for a trip through a human body.
• Dynamic exhibits show systems that are responsible for functioning of a body, from a complexities of the circulatory system to the surprising process of reproduction.
• Examples of organs allow visitors to look inside the structures of a body that work in particular systems.
• Fascinating experiences are complemented by amazing photos and films.
• Level of information at the whole exhibition is adapted to a level of visitors and depends on their age and education – starting from an elementary school and finishing on medical university.
• Students of medicine show round the exhibition to small groups and answer the visitors questions.
• During the exhibition we provide health advice and information: “Do you know that…?”.
• Teaching aids for teachers and programs form school and university groups will make the exhibition an invaluable help.
• Within the competitions that are held during he exhibition, professional artists and students at the academy of fine arts can sketch exhibits and thus extend their knowledge about human anatomy.
• For professionals and laymen are held lectures about health, medicine and lifestyle.
• Within the exhibition visitors have an access to a perfectly prepared catalogue.


Individual ticket
50 zł
60 zł
Students / Seniors over 65
40 zł
50 zł
Children (6-15)
35 zł
40 zł
Family ticket (2 adults and 3 children)
125 zł
145 zł
Disabled persons
35 zł
40 zł

Group tickets
Schools - minimum 10 participants
(carers for free)
30 zł
Adults - minimum 10 participants
40 zł

In order to provide a smooth course of a visit, please book a date before arriving.
The condition of using the discount for groups is making a reservation.





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